My story

one of a true foodie

I wasn't destined to cook.
It’s almost like I stumbled into it by chance.

It all began in 1999

When I took my first steps in the restaurant industry, starting with serving in the dining room. Driven by my passion for customer interactions, I quickly rose to the position of headwaiter in several restaurants in Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur. I then work for caterers and personal chefs, serving as both a headwaiter and a kitchen assistant.

In 2019 I took the leap

I embarked on a new journey as a private chef by setting up Delights Cook & Service. This new adventure allows me to combine my two passions : delighting clients' taste buds and providing exceptional service.

Since then

My goal is to prepare tantalizing meals for you and your loved ones during family gatherings or friendly meals. I take the pressure off you when it comes to organizing private or corporate dinners, ensuring top-notch service and preparing generous and refined gastronomy that pairs perfectly with wines.

My experience will be your asset, creating a memorable moment for everyone !

Proud of my region and my roots, I now work with beautiful local products to showcase the beauty of my native Provence.